About me

Hello, I am a freelance photographer based in Dubai since 2011.

I am Swedish and my husband is Scottish. We live in Dubai (with our two Devon Rex cats) at the Remraam community located on Hessa Street where I have my private home studio set up.


Why Photography?

I have been in love with taking photos since I was 10 years old. That was when I was given my first little red plastic camera (a Premier PC-460) It blew me away and I took shots of everything I could find: the family, the horses, our cat, the nature around our house, nothing was safe!

My father’s hobby was photography and I was very curious and wanted to know what he was doing. There were no digital cameras or computer-developing program back then and he still did everything manually, including developing pictures in his own darkroom, this seemed like some sort of magic for me as a young kid and I have many nice memories of that time.

My biggest interest is Photography, I just find it great from the beginning to end, preparing the studio, meeting new people, getting the best shots out of the sessions, enhancing and editing to delivering the amazing results to my happy clients. I love everything about it.  I like to make my clients relax and have fun while shooting as I find that’s what brings out the best shots!

I constantly keep myself updated with the latest trends and developments in the Photography world. There is a lot of “what’s in vogue”in the industry. I do this by closely following the best photography websites and the best Photographers in the world, completing their online courses, attending their Dubai workshops and acting as their assistants/second shooters on their seminars.

I also go to my home to Sweden several times a year to keep up with the Europe Photography scene, so if you would like to hire me for a photo shoot while I’m there just send me an email.

Other passions and hobbies

My other passion is animals and nature, from the smallest bugs to biggest whales and everything in between.
We have two Terrorist -Monkeys living with us, also known as Devon Rex Cats.

My other Hobby is knitting and sewing and I do a lot of the Newborn props myself.

We also like to go scuba diving when we get the chance, and we often go to Fujairah to Dive and relax.

My Studio & Gear

My home studio is set up in our spacious apartment in Dubai, Remraam community.

It is a private home studio perfect for Maternity, Newborn and Portraits

Beautiful Composition

Images for the whole family

Quality Equipment

The latest and up to date equipment, cameras & lights


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