Cake Smash Session

Cake Smash

A Cake smash session is such a great idea to do for your baby’s first or birthday.

What to wear for a cake smash session

Keep it simple, some ideas for little girls can be either just a tutu & a headband or a tutu with a top and headband, and for boys a diaper cover with a bow tie and party hat. There are a lot of things you can buy from Etsy.

My Backgrounds

I have Black, White Pink & Blue paper backgrounds. Or I use my Magnolia wall with a wooden laminate floor.

Props to bring for your cake smash session

As everyones taste Colour schema & ideas are different its best if you bring your own props, I will help you with ideas if you need it and I have some items we can use in the studio already.

  • The Cake
  • Your Baby’s outfit
  • Cake Topper
  • Balloons &¬†Banners

Good to know

Not all children like to eat a sweet cake, offer your baby something similar in texture and colour before your session, so that your baby knows that it is food, he or she will be more likely to dig into the cake if you do a practice run.
The cake should be room temperature for the session, it’s not nice to put your hands in to a ice-cold cake.
Tell your cake maker that it is for a smash session so that they make the cake fluffy and soft, a harder cake is hard for your baby to smash.
Bring your baby food spoon this will make him or her more likely to dig into the cake.

Cake Makers in Dubai

Sweet Secrets Dubai
M Cakes

Order your Balloons here

Memoirs Events Management FZ L.L.C

Cake Smash Tips

Cake Smash Props that I have in the studio

  • I have tree different cake stands White, Green & Grey.
  • Pink Banner with happy Birthday
  • Wood letters spelling out ONE ( small & Big letters)
  • Wood letter 1
  • Pink paper background
  • Blue paper background
  • White paper background
  • Magnolia background (my wall)
  • Gray wooden floor

Pink paper background, Small wooden letters ONE and 1

Pink paper background, Big wooden letters ONE


Cake smash props white

White background, gray wood floor

Cake smash props Magnolia

Magnolia background, gray wood floor

Cake stands

Cake smash props Blue

Mint Green

Cake smash props Blue


Cake smash props Gray


Some images from my latest cake smash sessions.

More information on my cake smash sessions in my blog posts

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