Maternity Photography

To do a Maternity Photography shoot is a way for you to remember how you look and felt during your pregnancy.

This is such a special moment to capture, just imaging showing your baby the pictures when he or she is about to have their own baby.

We can photograph  your maternity  session either in my studio or outdoors in Remraam or I can visit your home or location of your choice.

When to take your maternity Pictures

I recommend that you schedule your maternity photo sessions when you are around 30 weeks.

At 7- 8 months your belly will be noticeably round. Later on in the pregnancy some women feel that they are getting a bit to big, and they may have a lot of water retention at this stage.
A good way to determine if your belly is big enough is if it extends out of your chest line in profile. We want to show off a big round belly.

Maternity Clothing

What to wear to your Maternity Photography session, you can pretty much wear anything you feel pretty in. This session is all about you and your baby bump. You set the tone and style for this photo shoot. It can be fun and playful with printed t-shirts or romantic and dreamy with long maternity chiffon dresses.

The Maxi Dress

Long length maxi dresses photographs very well. A maxi dress highlights that beautiful baby bump and can cover up any areas you might not want to show.

Wear Solids

Solid colours usually photograph best. You can wear a pattern but you should make sure your partner isn’t wearing any clashing patterns. Patterns can be very distracting, we want the focus of your images to be on your baby belly, not on the pattern of your partners shirt.

Look at the colors in your home

If your home color palette is composed of neutral colors like beige and brown, think about what colors would be complimentary.

When you put a canvas print up on your wall you don’t want the colours to clash.

Choose your color palette

There are lots of factors to consider when you are planning your colours. But the most important factor is to choose a palette that you like.

Keep in mind the location of the shoot and the colors of the background. Colours such as deep blues, sea foam and mint photograph well on the beach, but may not look as natural in a park setting. When photographing  in a park I would avoid floral patterns or greens as they blend in to much with the background.

Clothes color inspiration

There are lots of great ways to get color palette inspiration. You can search on Pinterest for color palette boards or just photos that contain a color scheme that is appealing to you.

Design Seeds is also a great website where you can search for color palettes.


Clothes to Borrow in the studio

I have some clothes that you can borrow for your maternity shoot it is complimentary when you book your session with me.

Maternity Photography Clothing
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Studio preparation prior to session

My home studio is always prearranged for shooting, so that you and your partner can relax and enjoy. I have everything that is needed for a newborn session, everything from wraps to spare diapers.

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