Tiny fingers and tiny toes, how adorable these little ones are.

Your baby is only going to be this tiny once.

The newborn session is such a precious memory,
imagine looking at these pictures when your baby is all grown up and starting their own family.

Two types of Newborn Sessions

Studio & Life style


Studio Session

The studio Session is in my home in Dubai, Remraam. I have a lot of different props for the session.  I knit and crochet most of the hats myself and my husband makes little wooden props for me.

The preparation  for the Newborn shoot starts already one to two days before the the shoot if you are breast-feeding , it is best to avoid any spicy food, eating or drinking citrus fruit or juice as this can upset the baby’s tummy. When you book your session I will send you a food guide on foods to avoid.

A lot of the images will be taken in the nude, so it is best to dress the baby in something loose fitting and easy to take off. Also put the diaper on loosely about 30 minutes before the session to avoid any big marks on the body.

The studio will be quite warm, as we want it to be comfortable for the baby so I advise you to dress lightly. Also Mum and Dad take spare clothes for your selves just in case there is a little pee pee accident.

We want the baby to be sleeping for the images so try to plan the feeding times so that you feed right before the session starts. This will make your baby content and sleepy.

Remember the baby’s pacifier is he/she uses one, and extra milk formula if baby uses this.

Studio Moments in time, Home Studio

Studio preparation prior to session

My  home studio is always prearranged for shooting. Before the session we can discuss different settings, outfits, props and poses that you would prefer. We plan to do three different set ups/ backdrops and may do more, it all depends on how well your baby is sleeping on the day.

Life Style Session

My newborn Life Style photo sessions capture the earliest days of your new family life, as well as beautiful portraits of your baby – magical moments and tiny details that can often be forgotten in the haze of becoming a new parent.

I will come to your home, so you can relax in the comfort of your own surroundings, and use soft, natural light to achieve natural and unposed photographs. The session will be relaxed, providing you with an opportunity to enjoy time with your new arrival. I will take your baby’s lead, with sessions normally lasting between 2-3 hours, to allow time for feeding and comforting.

Newborn shoots should ideally take place a week to two after birth – this will enable me to capture your new arrival at their tiniest. I offer a limited number of sessions each month and recommend booking in a tentative date while you are still pregnant. We can move things around, should we need to, when your baby is born.

Newborn Photography Info

When to book your newborn session

The best time to photograph a newborn baby is when they are under ten days of age. I usually recommend around 6-7 days, after two weeks babies are a little harder to settle and things like colic and baby acne can start to flare up.

You can contact me at any time during your pregnancy to give me an estimated due date, I will then make a tentative booking and when you arrive home from hospital with your brand new baby you can contact me to arrange a suitable time and day for your session.

Flaky skin

As newborn babies adjust to life outside the womb, the appearance of their skin may be startling to new parents. New babies commonly develop bumps, rashes and peeling skin during the first weeks of life, but these skin conditions are usually normal and harmless. After your baby sheds the top layer of his skin, the underlying layer should be normal and healthy.

In the first week or two after birth, your newborn’s skin may flake or peel off in thin patches. Peeling and cracked skin may be particularly noticeable around a baby’s wrists and ankles. The skin on your baby’s hands or feet may look wrinkled and dry.

You can moisturise with a lotion that is specifically meant for infant skin to ensure that you are not exposing your newborn to chemicals or additives.

Studio session props & setups

During your Newborn session we usually have time to do 3 or 4 different setups, this is very depending on how well your baby is sleeping.

This is how the session usually goes, multiple Headbands or hats in each setup
1. Prop + Wrap
2.  Second Prop + Wrap or clothing
3. Beanbag + wrap
4. Family or Sibling shots ( If younger sibling attends we typically start the shooting with them)


Some of my Newborn props & Digital Backgrounds.

Safety first

As a Newborn Photographer I always think about the baby’s safety. I have done Kelly Browns and Sara Moffatts safety courses for Newborn Photographer and It is my number one priority. That is why some of the images are composites. One picture is taken and then added on to another so that tI can crop out hand supporting/holding the baby.

I ask either my assistant if she is in the session or one parent to sit close to the baby at all times, just to be prepared to have a hand on to the baby.

Top tips for a successful newborn photography session

There is a lot to think about when you are getting your baby photographed. I have written some good to know points in this Newborn Photography guide. I hope you will find it useful.

When to photograph your baby

The best time for a Newborn session is before your baby is 2 weeks old, this is because they are still very sleepy and easy to curl up in the newborn poses, they are still very flexible from being in the mums womb.

For premature babies we generally photograph them once they have reached their newborn weight.

I usually recommend around 6-7 days, preferable once the baby feeds properly and the cord has fallen off. It can take up to five days for the mothers milk to increase in volume.

When the baby are under two weeks of age they tend to sleep better for the session
Before your due date book your preliminary session date, and as soon as your baby is born give us a call so that we can schedule the baby in.

Session day feeding

Once you arrive its good if your baby is a bit hungry, give him/her a full proper feed in the studio and hopefully this will make your baby sleepy and content.

If the newborn session is in your home, feed your baby just before we arrive. If you must feed the baby before you arrive, try just giving half a feeding.

Babies get very hungry during their newborn sessions, if you are bottle feeding its a good idea to pack extra bottles. If you are breastfeeding, please see the list of food to avoid.

Flaky Skin

Dry flaky skin and baby acne can occur when babies get older. You can apply Eucerin or other natural baby oil to their skin to soften the flakes. For baby acne, cool washcloths will help in cleaning. If all else fails, we do retouch!

Circumcised Babies

Its better to wait for this procedure to after the session, If its done before the session I recommend to wait for at least 5 days so it has some time toe heal. If this is not possible we will keep the diaper on as the area can still be very tender. As we wrap and unwrap a few times during the session and change the poses we don’t want to irritate the area further.


For the newborn session your baby should be in the nude, in a wrap or a little outfit.
In family images solid colors tend to look the best, patterns can be to distracting and draw the attention away from the baby. Think about where you would like to hang your pictures and choose a color theme that would match in your house.

I would avoid to “matchy-matchy” clothing, sometimes it looks to over styled but its nice to keep the color tones similar.
Its a good Idea to bring spare clothing as accidents happen, especially with a naked baby!

For the baby sake the studio is very warm so I suggest to dress in layers so you can take some of if you get to hot.

What to Pack for your session

In our studio we have everything you need for a newborn session. You can arrive with nothing but the baby and you will be just fine However, the following is a suggested packing list.

  • Diapers (we do keep spares as well)
  • Wipes (we also have some)
  • Pacifier (just in case)
  • Blanket (to comfort in between poses)
  • Extra bottles (if bottle feeding)
  • Burp cloths

You are also welcome to bring any specialty items or props to be used in your session. We welcome ideas and any of your creativity.


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