Get a new Headshot (Profile picture) for your online profile; Headshots are not only for actors!

A good headshot is important, as this often is the first impression someone gets of you.

Your headshot is often the first people see on your CV, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or other online websites & professional accounts.
The main difference between headshots and portraits is that headshots are much more standard and portraits can be very variated and experimental.

Headshots are shot fairly close in, usually in color with no special effects. Usually headshots have a relaxed and realistic expression.

Most Business Headshots have very soft lighting that covers the entire face and doesn’t make any harsh shadows.

If you wish to get an edgier look we will do that to.

Corporate Headshot

I also do Corporate headshots 3/4 length, for your website or other presentations.  I have White Gray and Black backgrounds. Or if you just want to use  a plain wall in your office.

If you would like we can do your corporate headshots outdoors.

corporate headshot white background Peter Hurley style
Cinematic Headshot Dubai Photography

Beautiful Composition

Images for the whole family

Quality Equipment

The latest and up to date equipment, cameras & lights


Short videos for Instagram & Facebook

Black & White Portraits

Jeff Rojas style portrait, Black and white portrait, beard
Jeff Rojas style portrait, Black and white portrait, beard

You can find more information and look into other headshot sessions in my blogposts.

My 4 top tips for a successful Headshot session

1- Get pampered
I am aiming to give you the best headshot you have ever had, how you feel befor your session does affect your mood. Pamper your self, buy some new clothes get a haircut and hire a makeup artist so that you look your very best before your shoot.

2- Hair & Makeup
Don’t do any extreme beauty treatments before your shoot give your skin time to settle.
Get rid of any stray hairs on your face for example eyebrows & nose.

3- Clothing
Get some new clothes before your shoot to get a little luxury feeling,  my cheeky tip is to leave the tag on and return the item after the shoot. Just remember to check the shop return policys.
Keep away from fine small patterns as this can cause a moire effect. Moire is visual perception  thet happens when a fine pattern on your shirt meshes with the pattern on the imaging chip in the camera, and we will  see a third separate pattern on the image.
Bring a few different outfits to the shoot so that we have a few to choose from, better to bring to many than to few, 3-4 outfits is usually good.

4- Have fun
A headshot is all about the expression on your face, I know it can be awkward to be infront of a camera and try to look good. Just relax and try to have fun, I am shooting teetered and you will be able to see the images as we shoot, in this way we can find your beat angles and looks and work on what looks the best for you.


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